A healthy weight loss Healthy Weight Loss

Bio active nutrients curb hunger cravings and burn body fat faster.

20g high quality protein, tone muscle 20g High Quality Protein

It controls hunger and pushes the body to build and maintain lean muscle mass using a combination of Nutrition 53's Protein Matrix.

27 vitamins and minerals 27 Vitamins and Minerals

Includes 50% of the Daily Value for all eight energy producing B-vitamins, and 250% of the Daily Value of VitaminD3.

4.5 g of healthy fats and Omega-3 4.5g of Healthy Fats and Omega-3

A combination of polyunsaturated fats from sunflower and canola oils plus omega 3 fatty acids rich flaxseed.

Healthy digestion and to curb appetite Healthy Digestion

Maintain a healthy balance of gut bacteria for a healthy digestive system.

Optimize nutrient absorption Optimum Nutrient Absorption

Absorb powerful nutrients and minerals that include Vitamins C, E, A, mineral selenium, and polyphenol-packed grape seed and skin extracts, and green tea.

Lean1 Smoothie King

Lean1 lovers can easily get a shake just by dropping by Smoothie King and getting themselves one!

Ever wonder if that delicious Lean1 you’ve been enjoying at Smoothie King is the same Lean1 of Nutrition53?

Yup, the one and only! The original Fat-Burning Meal Replacement shake that many have tried to copy, but never duplicated!

Lean1 and Smoothie King have been partners for many years. A great relationship between the best healthy smoothie makers and the best weight loss supplement.

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