Great for Health, Great for Weight Loss

Fire up your body to burn more fat and have more power to perform better. With the best tasting, perfectly formulated nutrition of Lean1, get ahead with confidence and energy - so nothing can hold you back.

Bill Romanowski

Performance isn't just a passion; it's a way of life

Former NFL player Bill Romanowski

A healthy weight loss A healthy weight loss

Curbs hunger cravings and burning body fat faster from the bioactive nutrients.

20g high quality protein, tone muscle 20g high quality protein, tone muscle

To controls hunger and delivers the body to build and maintain lean muscle mass from a combination of Nutrition53’s Protein Matrix.

27 vitamins and minerals 27 vitamins and minerals

Includes 50% of the DV for all eight energy producing B-vitamins and 250% of the Daily Value of Vitamin D3.

4.5 g of healthy fats and Omega-3 4.5 g of healthy fats and Omega-3

A combination of polyunsaturated fats from sunflower and canola oils plus omega 3 fatty acids rich flaxseed.

Healthy digestion and to curb appetite Healthy digestion and to curb appetite

Help maintain a healthy balance of good and bad bacteria living in our gut for both a healthy digestive system and immune system.

Optimize nutrient absorption Optimize nutrient absorption

Powerful nutrients including Vitamins C, E, A, and the mineral selenium, plus polyphenol-packed grape seed and skin extracts and green tea.

Lean1 Size Variants
Great tasting and super nutritious

5lb Bag 23 Serving Tub 15 Serving Tub 14 Serving Bag
10 Serving Tub Packets



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